Spray In De-Tangler

We had tried 3 different sprays and the chemicals in each of them had really bothered her scalp causing severe itching so we had to discontinue after one try.
We use the detangler every time we wash her hair and she is definitely not a fan of having her hair brushed – we called it Magic spray when we used it and her exact words were Mummy, it IS magic, it doesnt hurt - honestly, word for word- was too cute.

Stretch Marks

I have been meaning to thank you for the Belly Oil! For the first time since the boys were born, I am back in bikinis!
It's amazing! I applied it twice a day as you said and they have faded dramatically, I really am so happy! :-)
I had actually taken before shots, but they were so awful (the stretch marks) that I had to delete in case any one
got hold of my phone!! I can still see some lines, but they have faded dramatically, I really am so happy!
Emma, Dubai

I started using Made4Baby Belly Oil 14 months post the birth of my second child. I still had noticeable stretch marks that were pink and obvious.
After just four weeks of using the Made4Baby Belly Oil on a daily (sometimes twice daily) basis on my entire stomach area, my stretch marks had faded to the point where they were no longer visible.
The best thing was that while pregnant I hadn't used any oils because of the fact I was allergic to everything I tried and I had absolutely no reaction to the Made4Baby Belly Oil and not only was I impressed (ok, more than impressed) with the way my stretch marks disappeared, but also with the feel and smell of the product itself it absorbs nicely and not being one for strong aromas was more than happy with the very subtle pleasant smell of the oil.

The Belly Oil is honestly FANTASTIC my husband has told me how good my stretchmarks are looking.
They have gone from horrible purple to just silvery marks from about 5 weeks of using the oil! What I really love about it is it does not feel greasy, really absorbs well and does not mark clothes - I have ruined a lot of white singlets where Bio Oil has made them go a gray-ish colour.

Cradle Cap

Thank you so much for making the Hair & body wash! After 10 weeks of trying cradle capremedies from baking soda to egozite and EVERYTHING in between i have finally found something that actually works! It has made my babys head go from what could only be described as hideous crocodile looking scales to a couple of barely noticable dry patches in two washes! I am so glad i can now get the camera out without hiding him in a hoodie or beanie. Awesome Product and happy customer.
Emma Rendle

(Foaming Hair and Body Wash Fragrance Free) "This stuff is great, its finally sorted my 2 year olds vile cradle cap!!"
Louise, owner of The Sleep Store

We first got your products for a friend (who loves them by the way) and then bought the starter pack for ourselves when our son was born. Last week he had really bad cradle cap covering nearly half of his head.
I have to say that the Body Wash did an amazing job; we washed Camerons hair with this every day and it was mostly gone in 3 days! It definitely did the job and we did not need to put any baby oil on his head or use anything else.
Thanks for designing such great products!
Fiona, Auckland

Sensitive Skin/Dry Patches

Our elder daughter was diagnosed with cancer at 3y4m, at this time her treatments made her sense of smell really sensitive and her became skin oversensitive and dry. Any smells made her feel sick, including most of the skin products recommended by her doctors.
We returned to using M4B products especially the unfragranced products, she loved them and they made her skin feel better, less itchy and dry. Later when she was feeling better we progressed onto the citrus products, which she loved and the smell made her very happy.
Over the 13 months she had treatment her skin stayed really good, when she experienced dryness we would just pop some more massage oil or all over body lotion on her and within a day it would be sorted. The massage oil has also been really good on her surgery scars and they look really good.
Thanks Nicole Lacey


Just wanted to say I love your products! Sophia has really dry sensitive skin and have tried everythinig! Nothing worked but your products do! Will definitely be buying more! Thanks Cathrine Chaney Hi there I just wanted to give you some feedback on how fab your products are. We got given a pack when my daughter was born 5 months ago from a friend.

I have super sensitive skin and shy away from petroleum and alcohol based products so was so happy to find a range that we could use for bubs that also didn't irritate me! The botty barrier cream is fantastic and heals up any little sore bits and I use the massage oil every few days when there is a sunny spot on the floor for some chill out time for us both.
I have also been super impressed with how long all the products last, the pumps really make sure you dont over use the product which makes it economical, probably not in your best interest but mums appreciate that! Have used the wash for 5 months solid and we bath each day and its only running out now!

Just so happy a NZ company has come through with such a great product range!!

Keep up the good work!
Steph and Ruby

Dear Rebecca & James,

I just wanted to share with you how delighted I am with the Botty Barrier Creme. The no double dipping concept is great & the results of the product have been wonderful. My son has sensitive skin so it was important for me to find a natural product that would have the desired effect. What I was not expecting was how well it would work not only as a barrier crème, but also on soothing & clearing many dry patches of skin on his body.

Thanks so much,
Nicky Wurr
Day Care Centre Manager, Auckland.

Made4Baby products are also stocked online by Kumfy Kids.
Kumfy Kids specialise in providing products for babies and children who experience sensitive skin or eczema.

“I’m loving using Made4Baby botty cream … we had been using Sudocream but Sofia still got wee rash patches –
your Botty cream has cleared it up nicely and her wee botty is just lovely with the cream on it “…
Sharon & Rick, Auckland

Hi Rebecca,
I am writing to thank you for the gorgeous gift bag of Made4Baby products you sent me. I have been using
everything for a few weeks now and they are beautiful products.

The nappy cream is excellent and I love that the pump gives out exactly the right amount for one application. The
shampoo is lovely and the bottle seems like it will last forever.

Hunter has had a few dry patches on his abdomen and the moisturiser cleared that up in a couple of days, so I can
vouch for its efficacy!

Olivia McPherson


"Our whole family has sensitive skin. My eldest daughter, now 3.5 years, had the most horrific facial eczema as a young baby to the point where her face would bleed daily. We tried EVERYTHING... prescription creams and steroids, other natural products, dermatologists, homeopaths, we even got referred to the Hospital Clinic. After a long search, we somehow stumbled upon Made4Baby. It was (and still is) the solution for us! It is the only range of
products that keeps eczema at bay. We used the Foaming Wash and the Body Lotion for our second daughter right from the get-go and she never suffered the way our first daughter did. We are huge fans and recommend your products all the time. I also find the lotion great on my super-dry "mummy" hands."

"I have been using your lotion on my son, who has bad eczema all over his body, for about a week now, and am already running out!!!....my box of goodies just arrived! Barnie is smothered in cream galore!! and went to sleep like a dream!!"
Tamzin and Barnie, Auckland

I think its a fantastic product and I have been using the lotion on my boys, and 1 of them has eczema, and this is the ONLY cream that helps, so thank you! Emma, Dubai

I recently found out about your products while researching online about eczema treatment for
my 1 year old son. I just wanted to say that I received your Fragrance Free Starter Pack just over 3 weeks ago and have been using the products on my baby since then. His (mild) eczema has totally cleared now and I just really wanted to thank you for your amazing products! :)
Kind regards,

I just wanted to let you know that I have started using your barrier cream for my daughters ezcema and it is the
first product that has really made a difference. Great product - thanks!
Kind Regards

Hi Rebecca

I am so thrilled that my son is skin is back to looking and feeling beautiful!! We have tried a
myriad of creams and lotions which have always left us asking "What shall we try now?". I am
quite amazed and have also enjoyed my son sleeping through the night - not waking with a
whingeing "I am itchy!!".
Thanks so much!!
Very, very happy mum of an eczema sufferer!!

I’m so impressed with Made4Baby products, especially at bath-time and for nappy changes – the Botty Barrier Cream is a saviour! My daughter gets eczema and so I’m careful to avoid soap and some lotions, but the Made4Baby self-foaming wash and body lotion are brilliant and great to use. She also sometimes gets the beginning of nappy rash, which is quickly and easily put right by the Botty cream – and I love the easy new squeeze tube!
I didn’t have these products for my first child, but I wish I did as I can see the difference they make and I wouldn’t be without them now.

Dear Made4Baby
Our little boy suffers from eczema and had not had his hair washed with anything other than
water since he was a few months old. It was such a treat to lather him up and watch him play
with the foam. His skin is great now and he smells delicious.
Nicky, Wellington

Hi Rebecca,
Just wanted to let you know that my son & I have had many great bubble baths this past week since buying your Bubbles Bubbles at Mary’s market last weekend.
And what’s ever better is that it hasn’t irritated his eczema in the slightest! (Actually its almost cleared up altogether this week!)
Thanks for making such a great product. It’s so nice to have finally found a bubble bath that isn’t made with any parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate!
Hannah Hutton

Dear made4baby,
Since I had my first child I have suffered from very irritating dermatitis. I went to the dermatologist a few months ago and was told that this was probably the result of a life time of using products with all sorts of harsh chemicals in them – with the laundry and hand washing that comes with becoming a mother being the last straw. But what really alarmed me is that, because our family has a tendency to hay fever and eczema, by exposing my kids to any kind of chemical colourings and fragrances I may well be setting them up for similar problems down the track without even knowing it.

So it was so great to come across your foaming bath wash which is really fun for the kids and also helps protect them from developing these problems.
I really hope that other parents are getting the message that even if your child doesn͛t have any allergic symptoms it is important to avoid all the harsh chemicals in most baby wash products.

Keep up the good work,

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the help re ordering a gift (pack).
It is good to know (that I can change the delivery address without it effecting my customer details) as I plan to send your products as gifts for a few people - it is so nice and easy to have them delivered to the person so that I do not have to intrude on them in those early days with a new baby.
Cheers Sarah,

Nappy Rash

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for developing this product! My baby doesn͛t have eczema but I have had such trouble controlling nappy rash – big welts are not what you want to see on your baby͛s bottom! The natural products I had tried did not work and the chemical based ones did but not for long – this is the first cream (Botty Barrier Creme) that has kept her nappy rash free for weeks and weeks now. I love that is it all natural!!
It has really made a difference for us and so lovely to see her bottom the way it is supposed to be – I now understand the saying ͞as smooth as a baby͛s bum͟. I will only use this product from now on and have recommended it to my pregnant friends and my coffee group.
Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Hi Rebecca!
I've received my Citrus starter pack today & I'm so pleased that it has a nice gentle scent ! ! ! Many chemical-free products have way too much strong smelling essential oils in which is no-good for baby's sensitive nose!
Thank you so much!

As a pharmacist I see many skin complaints and a lot of those are in babies or young children. When I had my first baby I was extremely careful not to use products for the first four months. With my second baby I was given a gift pack of Made4Baby products and tried them cautiously. They were everything I needed, fragrance free, natural, easy to apply and did not cause any irratation what so ever.
The Botty Barrier Cream is my favorite and it is also brilliant for under the neck in the moist folds after a bath.
The All Over Body Lotion is great, I use it on all the dry areas. It is also very good to treat the common hormonal
mothers get during pregnancy and breast feeding. I had literally tried everything on the back of my neck and this product gave the best result.
The Body Wash is so much fun and not harsh in any way. I find it so good for getting my toddler to have her hair washed as she loves the foam.
Last but certainly not least is The Massage Oil which I use for massage and love that it does not smell of anything.
So natural and babies just love to be massaged.

Thanks for the opportunity to change my views on using products on babies!
Amelia Gardner "Pharmacist Mum"


Wow! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of the Made4baby products we ordered online only last night.
My son got to have bubbles in his bath tonight thanks to your great service. Love the products we have used so far
and will definitely be recommending them and your website to my friends. Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Just a quick email to say thank you very much. Got my order today and as always i was super impressed with the
fast shipping and the lovely products. My kids absolutely adore your bubble bath. Bath times are such a chore
when we run out of bubbles! bubbles! :) Keep up the good work.
Katie, Auckland

Kia Ora

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you so much for developing the Bubbles Bubbles.. I've never used anything in my daughters water for fear of any skin reaction but at 18months bubbles have become an obsession!
So was delighted to research and come across your range.. Our daughter thinks bathtime is simply the best cause of all the buuuubbbblllleeeesssss!!! Thanks again keep up the great work, we look forward to trying more of your range!
Kindest Regards

5 STAR review by Coffeegroup.org

"These are really beautiful products, well priced, gorgeous to use and look so absolutely stunning."