How big is your family?

This week I have been musing about family, and the impact that we want to make for the younger members of the McLeod extended family. 

I don’t wanna brag, but our family is pretty great - And there are plenty of them too!

I’ve got 
1 brother
3 sister in laws
2 brother in laws 
2 nephews
3 nieces 
2 sons 
And a husband who supports every crazy idea I have for our business!

There is something so special about creating family memories and traditions for our boys.

I hope that when they look back they remember good times with their cousins and aunts and uncles in the sun (and not just the hectic rush to get everything and kitchen sink packed into the car). I hope they have memories of James and I making it to their cricket games and letting them take the day off school to watch movies in bed. I hope they remember my brave and sometimes crazy attempts to make birthday cakes in the shape of pirate ships. (Note in the photo that there alway Made4Baby sitting around out house).

And most of all I hope they remember to pass it along to their own families when they get older ♥️

I wanna know- is your family bigger than mine? What traditions are you passing on in your own family? And I’d love to see the cakes you’ve made for your kids?

Email me and show me your family! Pics are more than welcome.

Love lots,

Rebecca McLeod
Founder | Made4Baby



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