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Meet Faruk from Bangledesh

Meet Faruk Omar our lovely World Vision sponsored child in Bangladesh. We've known Faruk since he was 5 years old. Now 12, he has grown so much, looks in fantastic health and is currently in primary school studying Grade 4. Along with our family, the Made4Baby community send him letters, gifts & educational material. We're so proud watching Faruk grow up into a wonderful young man and we wish him and his family all the best for their future.

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Made4Kids Natural Skincare Helps Restore Hope in the Philippines

Made4Kids Natural Skincare was proud to support Hector Gonzales and Operation Restore Hope who travel up from New Zealand to perform free life changing cleft lip or palate surgery to kids from very underprivileged backgrounds in the Philippines. They operate on over 60 kids in 5 days and screen up to 80 others for future trips. We at Made4Kids admire any organisation who works to make the lives of kids just that little bit better no matter where they are in the world. Well done Hector and the team from Operation Restore Hope!

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Casey McPike's 7 Reasons Why Made4Baby Sunscreen

I’ve made some questionable sun safety choices in my time – as my freckles from the summer of ’99 can confirm – but when it comes to my kids’ skin I run a tight ship. But trying to find a sunscreen that works without piling nasty chemicals on precious skin was like solving a complex mathematical equation: half the width of the bottle, divided by the number of times the toddler got out of bed last winter, multiplied by the total amount of weight gained and lost during pregnancy, plus the square root of all the cracker crumbs in the car. Not one sunscreen ever nailed it for me. But then, Made4Baby announced they now make a sunscreen, and I...

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