About Us


    For Future Skin Health

    • Founded in 2007
    • Natural skincare for babies and children
    • Made in New Zealand
    • Designed for children’s Future Skin Health
    • Free from harsh ingredients


    • Made4Baby Natural Skincare ages 0 – 3 years (can be used with newborns)
    • Made4Kids Natural Skincare 4-10 years


    • Body Washes
    • Shampoos
    • Lotions
    • Conditioners
    • Creams
    • Oils
    • Bubble Baths
    • Sunscreen

    Fragrance Options

    • Fragrance Free – for children with sensitive skin
    • Citrus – an organically certified blend of mandarin, orange and lemon.
    • Watermelon – is a blend of natural essential oils sourced from France.


    Co-Founder, Rebecca McLeod LLB

    Worked at the OECD (Organisation for Economic and Co-Operative Development) in Paris, France for over a year drafting documents on the impacts of chemicals in skincare for the over 30 OECD nations.

    Executive Board Member of Cosmetics New Zealand formerly CTFA.

    Mum of 2 boys. 


    Co-Founder, James McLeod

    20 year product development and marketing professional in New Zealand, UK, France and Australia.

    Dad of 2 boys. 


    A husband and wife partnership developed over 20 years of traveling and working around the globe, now residing in New Zealand with 2 growing boys where the Made4Baby Global HQ is based.


    Multiple award winner in New Zealands Oh Baby Magazine Biennial Awards as one of the Top 10 Most Recommended of ANY Baby Product as voted for by Parents.

    Why Made in New Zealand?

    • Pure Resources
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Quality Assurance
    The water is sourced from the famous One Tree Hill Natural Spring ensuring absolute purity and quality when producing a Made4Baby or Made4Kids Natural Skincare product.

    Rebecca McLeods Story

    I have always loved cosmetics and skincare products. In 2001, James and I took a chance and moved to Paris and I found a job working in the Environmental Health Department of the Organisation for Economic and Co-Operative Development (OECD) drafting skincare reports for toxicologists of the member nations. My eyes were opened to the chemicals that are around us and which we often apply to our skin without even thinking of what is in them and how they can subtly affect us. I began to take note and think more about the impact of these products. Pregnancy and the birth of our 1st son made me really consider what was going on our skins - I couldn't believe the shopping list length of ingredients required to keep a baby clean! I started researching some of the ingredients and decided to head down the natural path - no petroleum derived ingredients. I wanted a range that had all the natural goodness yet easy and practical to use (not able to be broken by a busy boy) yet included an element of fun, who said that natural has to be boring! The bather of the baby (Dad, an internationally experienced Product Marketing and Brand Manager) also requested that the "user experience" live up to his expectations, with practical, easy to use packaging.

    At this point I decide to create my own range...Made4Baby Natural Skincare. The "4" stands for the decision I made regarding the ingredients (and yes these are common in many baby care ranges):

    No harsh detergents (which create lather)

    No petrochemicals (baby mineral oil is derived from crude oil)

    No artificial fragrances (parfum can have hundreds of ingredients)

    No parabens (a controversial preservative which we have not included)

    The entire range uses natural ingredients, safe to use from birth.

    The Made4Baby range is a multiple award winner of the New Zealand Oh Baby Magazine Top 10 Most

    Recommended of ANY Baby Product as voted for by parents.

    We have created some great products, from the Self Foaming Hair and Body Wash (NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate!) to the Botty Barrier Creme, in a tube - no more double dipping!

    After the birth of my 2nd son I realised that the needs of a little boy weren't those of a baby, so Made4Kids was born which includes shampoo to wash their own hair and spray in de-tanglers for those mornings you're trying to get them off to school and tame their hair in the mad rush out the door!

    Enjoy the products and if you have any comments we would love to hear from you.

    Rebecca & James McLeod

    Made4Baby Natural Skincare is the trading name of VertoNZ Pty Ltd.