Q: Why are these 4 points so important?

A: What may surprise some is that these ingredients listed below that Made4Baby does not include in any of their products are in fact common in many baby skin care ranges.

  1. No Harsh Detergents - used to create lather
  2. No Petrochemcials - baby mineral oil is derived from crude oil
  3. No Artificial Fragrances - parfum can have hundreds of ingredients.
  4. No Parabens - a controversial perservative which we have not included. Kids love foam, however we don't use Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, normally required to create foam, we found a self foaming pump bottle so kids can still enjoy foam without the harshness of irritating chemicals.

Q: What are your delivery zones and charges?

A: Auckland Central $5.00; Auckland Outer and Taupo North - $7.00; South of Taupo & South Island - $7.00 However if you spend $40 then delivery is FREE anywhere in NZ.

Q: Do you deliver internationally?

A: Unfortunately we are not set up to however you can purchase our products via Healthpost www.healthpost.co.nz


Q: Do you use any preservatives in your products? 

A: Made4Baby products made with the addition of water (such as creams, lotions and shampoos) require a preservative system to protect against yeasts, moulds and bacteria and to ensure that they are safe to use over time and will not pose a danger to human health. We preserve these products with a Eco-Cert approved preservative particularly effective at protecting water-based products from bacterial contamination. These preservatives are always used at levels of 1% or less.