How Hair Conditioner ACTUALLY Gets Knots Out

Hair Detangler - fragrance free versus watermelon  

You don’t know true mental fortitude until you’ve tried to brush the hair of a child who doesn’t want it to be brushed. Knots can be diabolical- which is why conditioner is such an important step in hair care.

But how does conditioner actually work? We’ve got the scoop.

How Does Conditioner Make Hair Less Knotty?

Where shampoo gets rid of sweat, dead skin cells and excess hair, conditioners make hair soft and flexible. 

They contain fatty alcohols, humectants and oils which protect and soften the hair shaft which usually makes it easier to detangle.

For example, the Made4Kids Hair Detangler contains Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BMS) which is a compound derived from rapeseed oil. This works to give hair the “slip” it needs to brush and detangle in a hurry!

Why We Love Our Hair Detangler

I might be slightly biased, but our spray in hair detangler is one of my favourite Made4Kids products. 

With extracts of Jojoba and Sweet Almond oil, it is

  • A leave-in conditioner and detangler in one (perfect for on the go before school!)
  • Good for use on wet or dry hair 
  • Perfect for post-swimming (just spray and brush through)
  • Great for boys as well to style hair without the “wet gel” look 
  • Available in Watermelon or Fragrance Free (great for those with a sensitive scalp at any age) 

And of course it comes with the usual “no nasties” Made4Baby guarantee 👌

With Love,

Rebecca McLeod
Founder | Made4Baby

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