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As we move from levels to traffic lights, I think there’s something extra special about supporting local at the moment. 

If you or someone you know runs a business, you know we've been toughing it out together the last couple of years. 

You might not know this about us, but so much of Made4Baby is made right here in New Zealand!

Although we ADORE our delicious natural fragrances from France (we have a soft spot for them since we lived there), almost everything about Made4Baby and Made4Kids is created locally in Auckland. 

Our products? All manufactured round the corner in Mt Wellington. We have a supplier over on the North Shore where we get most of our bottles. All the colourful labels you love are printed out in East Tamaki. 

When you buy Made4Baby, you’re not just supporting us and our family- you’re supporting a network of businesses all around New Zealand. 

So we just wanted to say THANK YOU! You enjoying our products makes it all worth it and we appreciate every single one of you 🙏 

With love, Rebecca 

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Have peace of mind knowing that we would only use these products on our own children.