Sleepy Time Routine

I was reading recently that babies with sleep time routines are more likely to sleep earlier, take less time falling asleep, sleep longer AND wake up less during the night.


But why does a routine help with this?

Simple: A consistent, predictable set of activities makes children feel safe and secure and lets them know it's time for sleep.

So, we’re sharing our favourite steps to make the perfect sleepy time routine for your little ones (mine little ones are actually getting pretty BIG now but routines are still SUCH a good way to help them wind down for the day).

How to make the perfect sleepy time routine 🌛💤

Step 1: Bath

Time to start winding down with bubbles and bath time!

We know that bathtime can sometimes be met with resistance, so here are a few tips for making it smoother:

  • Stick to a routine time/day so that baby has a consistent expectation
  • Make sure there is plenty of fluffy towels and dressing gowns to make the transition from warm to cold in between easier
  • Make it fun! Get the bubbles going, use great smelling shampoo, and let them choose their favourite bath toys

Step 2: Massage

Baby massage is known for helping to calm babies, improve digestion and sleep patterns, as well as reduce crying and stress levels (basically the same benefits as when I go get massages 😅).

It is best to do this when your baby is relaxed, so after bath time is perfect!

You can use baby oil, but make sure you avoid harsh perfumes which can irritate the skin. Our Sleep Tight Massage Oil is suitable for sensitive skin and has a divine mix of almond oil, avocado, jojoba oils and rosehip.

(Tip: Click here to read this article from Plunket for how to massage your baby)

Step 3: Bed

Once they are out of the bath, have clean, warm clothes ready to go for a smooth transition to bedtime.

For a calmer environment, try having dimmer lights or lamps to indicate that you are moving into a different part of the day, away from play time.

No matter what routine you set, the trick is figuring out what works for both you and your kids- and then sticking to it!

Ready to start a sleep time routine? Check out our natural bubble bath, fun hair wash, baby massage lotion and hair detangler for bubbles, cuddles and laughs every single night ♥️

With love,


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