The kind of back to school mania only parents understand

Against all odds, it seems like our boys will finally be getting back to school.

I was super excited- for about two seconds 🙄

The excitement was quickly replaced by a million questions and the kind of to-do-list anxiety only parents can relate to

• Have they outgrown their uniform or can we squeeze them in for one more term?

• Do I have it in me to cover all their books in Duracell this year?

• How many identical black leather shoes can we look at before I go crazy?

• Will they actually get to learn in person this year?

• Are they old enough to make their own school lunches yet?

I can’t fix the back to school mania- but our Made4Kids range will at least get them squeaky clean and ready to run out the door!

Made4Kids Back to School Essentials

🧴Kids Hair Detangler (Watermelon Fragrance)

Say goodbye to knots, naturally! A fun spray bottle detangler to get even the toughest knots out of long hair. Ideal for kids in a rush out the door to school in the morning. Just spray, brush, leave in and go!

🛁’ Kids Super Shiny Shampoo (Fragrance Free & Watermelon)

Made4Kids Super Shiny Shampoo, in refreshing Watermelon or naturally fragrance free, is a shampoo designed for kids hair, with no harsh detergents.  Includes Vitamin E for extra shine and Avocado Oils for healthy strong hair. You can buy shampoo and conditioning detangler together in a convenient gift pack.

🧼 Kids Foaming Face & Body Wash (Fragrance Free, Citrus, Watermelon)

Our Foaming Face & Body Wash helps to keep those faces and bodies clean naturally. It’s perfect for the shower - kids will be able to use it themselves to wash all over (and they love having their own product!). Great for before school - just foam into kids hands (after teeth brushing) and then they can rub over faces and then remove by splashing water or a flannel. Boom - clean face, no arguments!

With love,

Rebecca McLeod
Founder | Made4Baby


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