Try This Next Time You Don't Have Enough Family Time

I still sometimes feel like I don’t get quite enough family time.

Even though James and I run our own business and can make our own schedules. 

Even though we take the boys to their cricket games and go on family holidays together.

Even though we’ve literally been in lockdowns at home together.

It still sometimes feels like the days and years go a little bit too fast, even before my kids became teenagers. 

Dr Willard F. Harley Jr is a marriage and family counsellor that recommends families should be spending about 15 hours of quality time together to stay connected and build healthy relationships (especially with young kids). 

When most people read that figure, their eyes just about pop out of their heads! 

Most people wait to find a spare moment to go do something together (who has ever been able to find one of those), and then wonder why they can never find the time.

Instead, Dr Harley recommends one simple solution: schedule it in. 

Sit down with your weekly calendar and schedule time together on your non-negotiable to do list. He says this could be things like: 

  • Meals together as a family 
  • Going out for walks and bike rides
  • Playing board games 
  • Family meetings/touching base 
  • Going to sports events together (we have a particular fondness for this one)
  • Reading to your kids before bed 
  • Family projects (make sure they are fun for the kids and not just chores!)

This is my challenge to you! And maybe at first you can only do one hour together- it will still be worth it in the long run ♥️

With Love,

Rebecca McLeod
Founder | Made4Baby

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