What you NEED to know about artificial fragrances

One of the 4 values in Made4Baby products is that we never use artificial fragrances. 

And honestly? It’s because I was GOBSMACKED when I found out what actually goes into them! 

Artificial fragrances are either absorbed through the skin or breathed directly into the lungs. That’s why it is so important to understand the products that you and your children use everyday. 

You might already know that parfum can have hundreds of ingredients. 

What you might not know is just how harmful some of these can be, especially in products being absorbed directly into the skin. 

Ingredients hiding in artificial fragrances

  • Phthalates or Petrochemicals - These are endocrine/hormone disruptors (we avoid using all petroleum based chemicals as well for this reason)
  • Benzine Derivatives, Aldehydes, toluene- These are all carcinogens 
  • “Fragrance”- Companies are not always required to list all the ingredients and they simply put “fragrance” which could contain up to hundreds of chemical compounds 
  • “Unscented” - These don’t necessarily mean that there are no nasties, it just means that the chemicals used to hide the smells are neutral

Instead of artificial fragrances, we choose organic citrus, watermelon or fragrance free (mandarin is my personal favourite scent from my days in France, known for soothing restless children and aiding digestion 🍊🧑‍🍼). 

That’s why all our products come with a worry free guarantee- You can have peace of mind knowing that we would use these products on our own children!

With love,


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