Why raising kids is like rugby

It probably wouldn’t surprise you if I said we have spent a lot of cold winter mornings at Saturday sport fields watching the boys play rugby over the years.

I was thinking about how raising kids is kind of like rugby. 

Firstly, it’s messy. 

Like, really messy. You watch kids play rugby in the mud for a couple of hours and you’ll wonder if you should even bother trying to clean their uniforms. 

Made4Kids bath time products might be all-natural but we designed them specifically to stand up to whatever our boys did that day 😅

Secondly, it’s LOUD. 

Kids laughing and yelling at each other. Kids laughing and yelling at YOU. Kicking, pulling, running, thumping, crying- it’s all part of kids learning and having fun. 

Third? It’s over so quickly (although it might not feel like it when you’re a parent huddled under an umbrella mid-july 😅). 

It’s the same with raising kids. No matter how crazy our house gets, no matter how messy or loud, we are always amazed how quickly time passes.

And lastly, if you play it right, it brings us all together and builds a team. 

I wouldn’t trade our family (or those winter mornings) for anything ♥️

With love,


P.S. Are you an outdoor or an indoor family? We’re obsessed with all things outdoors! Everything from rugby, cricket and waterpolo to beach trips, bike riding and skiing. I’d love to know what you and your little ones like to do as a family, email me at rebecca@made4baby.co.nz if you would like to get in touch.


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