One Mighty Tough Little Cookie

Sammy & Thomas share with us their incredibly emotional battle finding out their unborn baby had a tumor and how Made4Baby was able to help in some small way.

I know it’s crazy but I genuinely believe your products did help my husband and I cope with the recovery of my daughters scar after surgery knowing we were using natural, gentle and nourishing ingredients on her skin. The journey we had been through wasn’t an easy one from finding out Addilyn had a tumor at 41weeks pregnant and the tough decisions Thomas and I had to make in regards to removing not only the tumor but her kidney too, to later finding out it was cancer and feeling relieved we found it when we did. Facing Addilyn’s scar daily was challenging at times as it was a constant reminder of what we all had to go through as a family which I felt was unfair for Addilyn at times. But between the incredible job of the surgeons and my diligence to moisturizing sometimes twice a day her scar recovered beautifully and is barely noticeable. I still moisturizing every night after a bath and she is now 2yrs old makes her skin so soft.

We used the foaming hair and body wash to wash Addilyn which was so nice and gentle for her scar and another added bonus was she never got cradle cap either from using this product, we then would follow with moisturising her and her scar in the early days with all over body lotion and the sleep tight massage oil.

After about 4 months it was looking so good I just used all over body lotion every night after her bath and still do.

I have accepted this was part of her journey in life to prove to everyone what an incredible little human she is and that it doesn’t define her or change who she will grow up to be it only makes her more strong,amazing and special.

Kind Regards

Thomas, Sammy and Addilyn

We've had the pleasure to meet Sammy twice now at consecutive Baby Shows to hear her incredibly emotional journey. Thank you Sammy for sharing, wow you guys are amazing and little Addilyn is absolutely gorgeous and we look forward to the day we can meet her also in person. 

Love from all the team at Made4Baby.

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