Your Baby’s Skin Matters

If you’re reading this, you probably agree with us that what you put on your baby’s skin matters 👶

But how do you decipher all the ingredients? Most of them don’t even look like real words.

Even the Made4Baby labels look like another language if you’re not used to reading them! 

Rest assured, we use international standards so that the names of our ingredients are understood in any country. For example, Tocopheryl acetate is the agreed label for vitamin E (absolutely no parabens, sulfates or petrochemicals here!). 

We’ve put together a few quick tips for the next time you are trying to read a label in the supermarket or pharmacy.

Quick tips for what to look for/avoid on skincare and shampoo labels 

Sulfates - Used as a foaming agent and can strip skin of natural oils/cause irritation, look for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS, SLES)

Phthalates or Petrochemicals- Called diethyl phthalate or phthalate esters, usually labelled as acronyms, most common in skincare is DEP, DBP DEHP, MEP, phthalate, or Fragrance

Parabens- Look out for names with “ethyl,” “butyl,” “methyl,” and “propyl.”, these can disrupt hormones and cause skin irritation 

Synthetic colours- Look for FD&C or D&C

Unscented- This doesn’t mean it has no nasties, it just means that whatever they have put in to cover the smell of chemicals is neutral. Choose fragrance free instead!  

Top tip: most of these tips can be used for your own skincare too! 

At Made4Baby, we are committed to making products that have no harsh detergents, no petrochemicals, no artificial fragrances and no parabens (while making sure it’s still fun and kid-friendly!). 

What other questions do you have about ingredients and labels?

Feel free to email at

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